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Indian diet plan for weight loss,Review Diet Plan

4 Weeks Indian Diet Plan, Weight Loss Plan For 2021, Weight Management

Indian Diet plan for weight loss can be overwhelming and curating one, can definitely be exhausting. This involves a lot of research and is quite time-consuming. Hardly anyone wants to go through the struggle of finding the right diet.
When on a diet, a number of us lookout for recipes that are not native and taste like nothing and also something raw. But what if we tell you this can be done differently? You can eat foods that are wholesome, delicious, and also native?
Indian foods are linked to excess amounts of rice (carbohydrates). This gives an impression that Indian foods are unhealthy.
But the truth is, we have simply forgotten our staple foods and become too dependent on rice. Adding to this, we have started consuming all kinds of junk food.

Weight Management Plan - Week 1

Early Morning : 1 fruit of your choice and 3 to 4 Mixed seeds
Breakfast : Open Panner sandwich with mint chutney / 2 idlis with sambar / 1 roti with any chutney
Mid-morning : 4 walnuts and 2 dates /Fruits of your choice
Pre-lunch : 1 Plate of preferred salad / 1 cup fruit juice (any)
Lunch : 2 multigrain roti / 1 katori red or brown rice _ 1 cup Dal + 100gm Veg
Mid-evening : 1 glass of buttermilk
Snack : 1 glass of protein drink
Dinner : 1 bowl chicken grave or 1 bowl of veg kurma + 2 mutigrain rotis + 1 bowl low-fat curd
Post-dinner : 4-5 pieces of nuts / 1glass of warm low-fat milk

Weight Management Plan - Week 2

Early Morning: 10ml wheatgrass juice + 5 to 6 almonds and walnuts
Breakfast : 2 medium vegetable uttapam with sambar / 2 idilis with sambar
Mid-morning : 1 glass of protein drink with milk / assorted fruits 1 plate
Pre-lunch : 1 bowl minestrone soup with more veggies and less of pasta
Lunch : 2 multigrain roti + 1 bowl of vegetable subji / non-veg subji + 1 bowl boiled pulse chaat
Mid-evening: 1 glass buttermilk
Snack : 2 multigrain flour khakras / 1 fruit of your choice + 1 cup green tea
Dinner : 1 Veg Paratha + Raitha
Post-dinner : 1 glass of whey protein shake if missed during snack

Weight Management Plan - Week3

Early Morning : 10ml spirulina 0r green leaf veggie juice + 1 fruit of your choice
Breakfast : 1 bowl vegetable sprout poha with chutney / 3-4 dal paddu with sambar
Mid-morning : 1 fruitt of your choice / fistful of assorted nuts / 2 tbsp of trail mix
Pre-lunch : 1 bowl sprout salad of choice / 1 bowl mixed veggies chunky soup
Lunch: 2 multigrain roties + 1 bowl veg or non-veg (seafood,fish,chicken) subji of choice + 1 bowl of thick da
Snack : Til or peanut chikki with 1 cup spirulina and mixed veggie juice.
Dinner : 1 bowl fruit and veggie mixed salad of choice + 2 wheat / oat bran roties
Post-dinner 1 glass of whey protein shake

Weight Management Plan - Week4

Early Morning : 10ml Amla juice and 3 to 4 walnuts and almonds mix
Breakfast : 2 meadium dal paranthas + 1 bowl low fact curd
Mid-morning : Amaranth seeds chikki / 3 to 4 dry fruits
Pre-lunch : 1 bowl sprout salad / 1 bowl grilled chicken or fish salad
Lunch : 1 bowl millet and dal khichdi + 1 bowl mixed vegetable kadhai
Snack : 1 cup spiced boiled corn or 1 corn on the cob + 1 cup coffee or tea or green tea
Dinner : 1 bowl vegetablle and mixed seeds salad + 2 multigrain roti + 1 non-veg subji
Post-dinner : 1 glass warm milk

9 Weight Loss & Diet Plans - Find your healthy diet plans Review

1. The Paleo Diet

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2. The Dukan Diet

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3. The HCG Diet

The HCG diet is a fast weight loss diet. It is not based on the empirical evidence and can lower the metabolic rate and cause muscle weakness, headache, exhaustion, and depression for more ...The HCG Diet

4. The Vegan Diet

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5. The Atkins Diet

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6. Low-Carb Diets

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7. The Zone Diet

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8. The Ultra-Low-Fat Diet

Ultra-low-fat diet contains less than 10% of the fat calories. It can cause substantial weight loss and may also provide significant benefits for heart disease, type 2 diabetes and multiple sclerosis. for more ... The Ultra-Low-Fat Diet

9. Intermittent Fasting

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